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Effective Living

  1. A Friendly Universe
    McIntyre, Dina G.

    Dina discusses natural calamities, and other aspects of our existence, to demonstrate how they fit into Zarathushtra's view that our existence has indeed been in a way that is true and right (Asha), and our universe is a friendly place.

  2. A Sky Full of Stars
    McIntyre, Dina G.
    In this article the reader is taken on a spiritual journey and exposed to a roam of possibilities through the strength of the treasures buried in the Gathas of Zarathushtra. The empowerment that comes from internalizing the Gathic concepts is discussed. 

  3. A Zarathushtrian Approach  to Quality Management based on Gathic Values
    Abreu, Dr. Jose Luis
    At entrance to the 3rd millennium, modern enterprises are uncovering the importance of implementing quality control in every aspect of their business.  Yet, the moral and ethical aspects of human interaction frameworks that can naturally result in quality implementation is to be found in the ancient Gathic message. The author knowledgeable in both Quality Management and the Gathic concepts is uniquely able to do justices to the subject and to further our understanding of both studies.

  4. Any friend of Zarathushtra is a friend of ours
    Abreu, Jose Luis
    In this thought-provoking article the Zarathushtrian perspective on what constitutes the basis of friendship and the camaraderie of the righteous is presented.

  5. Building Good Families: Uplifting Our Spirit
    Rustomji, Magdalena
    The author provides insightful guides on keeping the right mental mindset in view of adversity and desperate conditions that life may force upon us.

  6. Buried Treasure
    McIntyre, Dina G.
    In this article the author shows how treasures buried in the age proven wisdom of an ancient philosopher that has been passed down through the generations can be uncovered and through understanding the symbolism, our lives can be greatly enriched and transformed. The wisdom conveyed in the message of the ancient prophet Zarathushtra is discussed in this paper

  7. Echoes of Zarathushtra in the Modern Field of Conflict Resolution
    Pearlstein, Arthur
    Resolving conflicts by adapting positive approaches that prevents stagnation, simulates curiosity and learning, and promotes the search for new solutions is the inference one gets from the Gathic message as elaborated in this paper.

  8. For Love of Wisdom
    McIntyre, Dina G.
    A brief review of some of Zarathushtra's teaching is given in this very enriching document.

  9. Fury in the Gathas
    Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar
    Humans dealing with life situations may experience spells of fury.  The Gathic message suggests fury causing defiance of logic and rationality is not only destructive to mankind but also to entire living world. This article presents an an informative perspective on the subject. 

  10. Happiness
    Shahriari, Shahriar
    Happiness as a humanity promoting quality, and its spiritual implications for the individual and the human society at large is explored in this insightful article. 

  11. Implication of Zarathushtra’s Vision of Freedom of Choice for Today’s Society
    Daver, Adi
    Zarathushtra's vision of Freedom of Choice for every mortal is not an untrammeled one.  It is based on the Good Mind invariably striving for the Absolute Truth to give love and to serve humanity, as a means of not only renovating one's soul but also moving creation towards perfection. The significance of using the privilege of Freedom of Choice is discussed in this article.

  12. Leading a Good Life
    Mehta, Hosi
    Individuals inspired by the principle of promoting righteousness in life stand to benefit from the outcome of their actions. This article highlights how one can lead a productive and uplifting life based on leading a good life.

  13. Let me mould and shape my life in Zarathushtra’s likeness
    Dhalla, Dastur Maneckji N.
    A brief and informative article on the example set by Zarathushtra through his life that can help others lead effective lives.

  14. Mankind and the Freedom of Choice in Zoroastrian Scripture
    Shroff, Kersi B.
    This article produced on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of universal declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, provides insight into the importance of Freedom of Choice that has been much emphasized by Zarathushtra.

  15. Need for Faith to Live By
    Mehta, Cyrus P.
    Who am I?” is the question man has asked from the beginning of his earthly existence. The author gives his perspective on how to go about answering that question, and to experience a meaningful existence.

  16. Setting The World Alight, Reflections on the Frashkart
    Antolak, Ryszard J.
    Drawing on younger Avesta, the Gathas, and later Persian sources, the author presents a thought provoking view of renewal and evolution towards perfection.

  17. Seven Gems from the Later Literature
    McIntyre, Dina G.
    With passage of much time since the life  of Zarathushtra, the Zarathushtrian religion literature produced in the first millennium A.D. had a lot of ethical under-toning. Some of the literature reflected  non-Zarathushtrian  influences that had crept in. The philosophical emphasize of Zarathushtra’s doctrine was not always evident in the religious texts of that period. In this article, the author highlights seven fine examples of the strength of Zarathushtra’s wisdom captured in  literature of that period.

  18. Studying the Gathas as a Pratical Guide to a Blissful Existence
    Irani, Dinshah
    A basic and illustrative analysis of how the fundamental concepts embedded in the Gathas of Zarathushtra can enable an individual live a blissful and fulfilling life is given.

  19. The Choice to Renovate and Renew the World
    Pourbahrami, Trity
    Awareness of the circumstances surrounding our choices and the consequences of our choices can be an important factor in bringing about social reform and helping renovate the world.  The significance of the contribution we make through our choices is discussed in this paper.

  20. The Enlightenment Message of Zarathushtra
    Zarathushtra generated an extraordinary transformation in the history of human thought by promulgating a vision more than 3500 years ago. He emphasized that religion is not a matter of membership of an institute but a matter of personal conscience. This article tries to illustrate the parallels between Zarathushtra's insight and ‘The Enlightenment’ movement in Europe of late as the 18th century.

  21. The Fire of Sraosha
    Abreu,Dr. Jose Luis
    Good decision making conducive to the success of an organization most often requires good judgment calls. Developing good intuition can help us greatly make the right of judgment calls. In this insightful article Dr. Abreu discusses the theological basis for developing good intuition.

  22. The Fire of Aramaiti in Business Management
    Abreu,Dr. Jose Luis
    The Gathic essence of Aramaiti as a basis for our interaction with other humans is explored in terms of its applicability to 21st century business management.

  23. The Freedom to Choose
    Soroushian,Dr. Mehrborzin
    Given the great emphasize placed by the Zarathusthra's religious tradition on individual's moral duty to choose their path in life, comes the responsibility to make the righteous choice at every step of the way. The challenges surrounding this issue and the considerations to be kept in mind are discussed in this article.

  24. The Gathas, Lessons to Grow Through
    Farsi, Behrouz

    This article is based on author's personal life experiences, and provides valuable insights on how Gathic principles can enable individuals to lead more effective, loving, caring and responsible lives.

  25. The Healing Power of Forgiveness
    Dinshaw, Farishta Murzban
    Zarathushtra's outlook on life calls for working towards an ever improving future. Through righteous acts moving forward and overcoming the ill effects of past misdeeds. This article discusses the healing power of forgiveness based on righteous reasoning.

  26. The Religion of Action
    Taraporwala,Dr. Iraj
    Highlighting the relation of humanity with creation according to Zarathushtra's Vision, Dr. Taraporewala captures the demand on humans in terms of the conduct of a life of filled with action, and the consequence of their deeds.

  27. The Vision of Zarathushtra
    Irani, Professor Kaikhosrov Dinshah
    In this article, the author explores the purpose of life and existence from the perspective of the bigger picture based on the philosophical formulation of the World's oldest standing religion.

  28. Towards Right-Mindedness – Progressively
    For anyone trying to adapt to a new environment, one can discover in the Gathas, Zarathushtra's Message which helps them appreciate the effective and life confirming role they can play in making their lives more productive and fulfilling.

  29. Transcendence
    The trials of life are somewhat of a rite of passage, an opportunity to experience the fullness of ourselves, and much like any initiation, we can come out of it triumphant and transformed, or we can be crushed to pieces. In this thought provoking article, the author gives us a unique Zarathushtrian perspective that can help us reach great heights in life.

  30. Zarathushtrian Formula For Success In Life
    In the Gathas, Asho Zarathushtra lays out a simple, yet profound, guide for living our life. These are very specific things that we can work on incorporating in our life to achieve success in our life. If we inculcate these concepts, we can empower ourselves to change our lives and begin to be on the road to Success. These are very simple things to do in our day to day life. But because they are simple, they are also very simple not to do in our daily lives.

  31. Zarathushtrianism: An Ancient Faith for Modern Man
    Bode,Dasturji Framroze Ardeshir
    An enriching article touching upon some of the main principals of Zarathushtra's Philosophy and its outward manifestation relative to human's relation with Ahura Mazda and the rest of creation.

  32. Zarathushtra's vital Message
    Antia,Mazda K.
    In this insightful article, the interconnectedness of humans' actions from a Zarathushtrian perspective is discussed.  
    Doing what is good or "best" in each situation is often different than doing what is advantageous or convenient to an individual.  A butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world and sets into motion events causing a hurricane far away: Zarathushtra's message can be the wing moving people's minds - changing the life they lead from focusing on what's best for one alone, towards a life improving the world for all people and beings.

  33. Zarathushtrian Perspective on the Spiritual Needs of the Senior Citizens
    Bagli, Ervad Dr. Jehan
    This thought provoking paper analyzes the process of ageing in the context of the immutable law of Asha, and the vitality that humans can draw on.

  34. Zoroastrian Ethics and Culture
    Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar
    Ethics as a cultural underpinning helps define a society and its contribution to humanity. The ethics derived from Zarathushtra's thought is discussed and elaborated upon in this thought provoking paper.

  35. Zoroastrianism: A Vision of the Future
    Dinshaw, Farishta Murzban
    Some of basic and essential concepts of Zoroastrianism as it relates to individuals making morally responsible decisions to prompt goodness is discussed in this insightful article.

  36. Zoroastrianism and Humanity, best days yet to come?
    Bakhradnia, Shahin
    This article discusses the role of individuals in leading an effective life based on social consciousness. The discussion of how Zoroastrian ideas can move humanity forward is discussed.