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Sam Kerr was born in Bombay, India in the third decade of the 20th Century. Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (London) and of several Colleges of Surgery, Sam was Surgeon/Lecturer, the University of NSW and its College Hospitals, Sydney, Australia from 1968 to 2003.  He is now Emeritus Surgeon at the University and Hospitals.


He initiated the Australian Zoroastrian Association of NSW, Sydney in 1969 and became its founding member.  In addition to his professional writings he has published and lectured on the social, cultural, historical and scriptural aspects of the religion of Zarathushtra.

  1. Avestan Womanhood (- its high esteem) and Love
  2. Bai Jerbai Nusherwanji Wadia
  3. Gool Āb
  4. Kharoshti Script
  5. Pythagoras and the story behind the Croton Crown
  6. The ancient art of spinning a yarn
  7. The Enlightenment Message of Zarathushtra
  8. The Essence of Benevolent Nature
  9. The First European Translation of the Holy Avesta
  10. The legendary Rose of Iran
  11. The Nature of Zarathushti Commitment
  12. The Philosophical Concept of “Consciousness” in Zarathustra's Teachings
  13. The Prophet's Utterances (Part 1)
  14. The Prophet's Utterances (Part 2)
  15. The Prophet’s Utterances (Part 3)
  16. The Sumerian ‘Tree of Life’