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Dr. Ali Akbar Jafarey, was born in Kerman, Iran. He received his schooling up to the University level in Karachi. He has a doctorate in Persian Language and Literature, and has self-studied thirteen living and ancient languages, and also studied linguistics, anthropology, Indo-Iranian literature, history, geology and research methods. In Saudi Arabia, he worked as a translator/anthropologist in the Arabian Research Division of Aramco. In 1991, Dr. Jafarey, with seven other co-founders, established the Zarathushtrian Assembly in Los Angeles

Listed Articles on Vohuman.Org:

  1. Aredvi -- The River and the Boon Goddess

  2. Avesta, An Introduction

  3. Birth of Zarathushtra

  4. Birthday of Asho Zarathushtra

  5. Celebration of Life -- Novruz

  6. Democracy: A Zarathushtrian Perspective

  7. Discovery of Fire and Jashn-e Sadeh

  8. Fury in the Gathas

  9. Initiation into the Good Religion (Sadreh-pűshi -- Navjote)

  10. Interaction of the religion of Zarathushtra with other religions

  11. Maga, The Magian Fellowship

  12. Mind and Heart

  13. Novruz, The Zarathushtrian New Year

  14. Religion and Tradition

  15. Restoration Constructive, not Destructive

  16. Spenta Mainyu

  17. The Achaemenians, Zoroastrians in Transition

  18. The Cosmos and Zarathushtra

  19. The Fire Festival

  20. The Avesta, An Introduction

  21. The Good Religion, Indo-Iranian Zarathushtis, And Westernization

  22. The Meaning of "Ârmaiti"

  23. Vohuman

  24. What Does 'KHVAETVADATHA' Mean?

  25. Zarathushtra Venerating God and the Creation

  26. Zoroastrian Ethics and Culture