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Vohuman  suggests viewing of the following web site:

  1. A web site reporting on Dari Language Research project -- www.DariLanguageProject.org
    Provided by researchers Anahita Faroudi and Maziar Toosarvandani
    Vohuman.org educational institution is a major sponsor of this project.

  2. A Web site for Zoroastrian Children -- www.ZoroastrianKids.com
    Provided by Ms. Rebecca Cann
  3. Ancient Iranian Cultural and Religious Research and Development Center
    Provided by Mr. Fariborz Rahnamoon
  4. Avesta -- Zoroastrian Archives
    Provided by Mr. Joseph Peterson
  5. Azadan publication -- Ancient Iranian and Zoroastrian History, Culture and Religion
    Provided by Mr.
    Ardalan Keykavoussi

  6. California Zoroastrian Center

    Provided by: Dr. Khosro E. Mehrfar
  7. Dedicated to promoting the spiritual philosophy of Zarathushtra.
    Provided by
    Shahriar Shahriari
  8. Shahnameh, A Persian heritage for all humanity
    Provided by Shahnameh Society
  9. The website of Spenta University of Latin America, soon offering an MBA Program based on Zarathushtrian ethics, and of The Zarathushtrian Assembly of Venezuela. It is presented in Spanish language, including a translation of the Gathas and more articles.
    Provided by Dr. Jose Luis Abreu
  10. The web site of Zarathushti community of Louisville, Kentucky.
    Provided by Mr. Farbod Vastar

  11. The world of Zoroastrianism; A web site dedicated to promoting information on First Universal religion in history.
    Provided by
    Mr. Ronald Delavega

  12. The Zarathushtrian Assembly
    Provided by:
    Dr. Ali A. Jafarey

Links to Articles and other information of Interest:

  1. Religion - Paths to moral life: Thoughts, words, deeds
    Focus on Zoroastrianism

    by Peter Strozniak
    A Cleveland newspaper interviews Dr. Jehan Bagli on his way to deliver his newsmaker presentation at Cleveland Conference of Religions.
    Religion - Paths to moral life: Thoughts, words, deeds (PDF File)
  2. A Worldwide Celebration: 3000 years of Zoroastrian heritage
    UNESCO declared 2003 as the year of Zoroaster, followers of the oldest monotheistic religion in the world celebrate.
    CNN interview with Dr. Khosro Mehrfar (Apple Quicktime Player)
    Times of India Article (PDF File)
    Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Article (PDF File)
  3. Among the Zoroastrians
    By Jacki Lyden; Photographs by Nancy Andrews
    Washington Post and National Public Radio
  4. Keepers of the Flame
    By Jacki Lyden (May 21, 2000)
    National Public Radio, All Things Considered 
  5. Parsis, ethnic Persians who follow the prophet Zoroaster
    By Michael Sullivan (December 28, 2000)
    National Public Radio, All Things Considered (radio program)
  6. Oldest Prophetic Religion Struggles For Survival
    John Zubrzycki
    Special to The Christian Science Monitor
    BOSTON - MAY 13, 1998

Community Projects:

  1. Restoration Firoze Bahram High School
    Varza, Jamshid
    Fravahar, a monthly Farsi Zarathushti journal brings us the great news of a successful completion of this project in Tehran, Iran.