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Need for Faith to Live By [i]

Effective Living


Mehta, Cyrus P.














“Who am I?” is the question man has asked from the beginning of his earthly existence. Only by knowing and practicing his religion he will get any answer.

We live in an age of science and technology and the emphasis is more on the side of man’s physical welfare than his spiritual.  For this reason man does not give much thought to the question of his origin, why he is in the world, how best he can live his life and so on.  In general he is content to follow the cultural and social pattern of the country in which he resides or the community to which he belongs.  Various branches of physical and natural sciences have developed on scientific bases and laboratory proofs.  So modern man naturally wants to teat religion and God on the same lines.

In Gāthās, the Songs of Zarathushtra, one word repeatedly occurs.  The word is Armaiti.  Ar means ‘yes and maiti means mindedness.  The word therefore literally means ‘Yes-mindedness’ or the belief in the words of the Prophets.  In every walk of life man is prepared to listen to the experts but on the most vital question “Who am I?” man ignores the Prophet.  If he has doubts he calls himself “agnostic”; if he cannot accept the idea of God he calls himself “atheist” All that is needed is a provisional faith and desire to study and put into practice what the Prophet teaches before rejecting religion and God as wishful thinking  

We know that man is superior to animals because of his higher consciousness. An animal is unable to think and reason as man can.  At a higher level the purpose of all religions is to teach man to develop what is called supra-mental consciousness.  This is not something imaginary. Prophets, Saints and Seers have repeatedly given us the proofs of this type of consciousness and hence they have Vahistem Mano or the Best Mind or the most Illumined Mind.  It is this Vahistem Mano that enables the Prophets to talk about soul, life after death and several other abstract subjects which are outside the scope of normal human intelligence.

Relevance of Zoroastrianism in all ages has been to lift mankind to a higher level.  The man is not just gross physical body but he is a soul. This world is merely the scene of his spiritual evolution.  The purpose of life is that man shall know his divine origin, his almost incredible potentialities as a child of God and co-worker with Him. But doubting man pauses, ponders, and hesitates. If only he will let the flame within him spark upwards his doubts will disappear.  

Problems of the world cannot be solved by political, economical and social measures on their own. Something more is needed. Man must understand his spiritual nature and become Asho or divinized.  But for that he needs Grace of God.  Hence the need for a faith, to live by!

Let me conclude with an appropriate Universal Prayer.

“Let us become the soldiers of God, whatever faith we may follow,
Let us struggle for Truth,
Let us not live for ourselves but for others,
Let us speak truly, think truly and act truly,
Let us be honest as God is infinite honesty,
Let us return love for hatred and win others over to God,
Let the world know that above everything, the most dear
to our heart is God --- The Supreme  Reality.”

[i] This article appeared in USHAO, Volume VI, No. 4  of June-July 2005 and was posted on vohuman.org on June 22, 2005 courtesy of the author and the editor of USHAO Mr. Virasp Mehta of Wichita, Kansas.