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Personal Perspective

  1. A Healing Vision
    Smith, Timothy

    A frank discussion of the tragedy of September 11, 2001 that unfolded in the USA questions just how far civilization has really come from ages past, while an account of Zarathushtra's teachings chart a new course to a better world.
  2. Any friend of Zarathushtra is a friend of ours
    Abreu, Jose Luis

    In this thought-provoking article the Zarathushtrian perspective on what constitutes the basis of friendship and the camaraderie of the righteous is presented.
  3. Conversation
    Shahriari, Shahriar

    Generative conversation is what changes the world. Zarathushtra was an innovator who brought one such revolutionary conversation. But for his conversation to have a transformative impact, we must all take part in it. We must continue that conversation in a dynamic and organic way to keep it alive and effective. The question is what conversation, and how?
  4. Defining Zarathusthrian Identity: Discovering Strength through Diversity
    Hakim, Zareen
    Personal perspective of an upcoming North American Zarathusthrian of the 21st century raised by first generation immigrant parents who had to come to terms with her unique identity is presented in this paper.  The uniqueness of the Vision of Zarathushtra and how it helped answer the question of her identity is brought out in this paper. 
  5. From Wilderness to Light
    Shroff, Maharukh
    An insightful and thought provoking perspective on the author's hope and aspirations for the role her ancestral faith can play in our lives.  Cast against the back-drop of prevailing view towards the practice of Zarathushtrian religion in India, the author makes a strong case for the changes she likes to see.
  6. Happiness
    Shahriari, Shahriar
    Happiness as a humanity promoting quality, and its spiritual implications for the individual and the human society at large is explored in this insightful article. 
  7. Leading a Good Life
    Mehta, Hosi
    Individuals inspired by the principle of promoting righteousness in life stand to benefit from the outcome of their actions. This article highlights how one can lead a productive and uplifting life based on leading a good life.
  8. Love and Peace in Zarathushtra's Voice
    Palsson, Henrick
    An insightful perspective on  Zarathushtra's vision for humanity is given. The question of what it means to be good in words, deeds and thoughts is explored, as well as the question of what can Zarathushtra offer to the humanity in the 3rd millennium.
  9. May We Not Lose the Vision
    Hakim, Zareen
    The significance of Zarathushtra's Vision meant for enlightenment and empowerment of all humans and free from ethnic bias or tribalism is explored in this presentation.
  10. Messages for the Ages: The Uniqueness of Zarathushtra's Message
    Delavega, Ronald

    The author shares his thoughts and views on the uniqueness of Zarathushtra's Vision and the promise it holds for humanity. In his informative review, the author brings out interesting points as to the impact of this spiritual journey of discovery on his life.
  11. On becoming a Zoroastrian in Italy
    Moramarco, Michele
    Author takes us on his personal journey of discovery as he explores human spirituality, philosophy and psychotherapy that led him to the study of Zoroastrianism. Michele provides valuable insights on the similarity and differences of different schools of thoughts he explored in his personal intellectual quest.
  12. Real Values
    Shahriari, Shahriar
    Inappropriate perception of real values many cause forms of social malaise. Instead individuals and communities earnestly pursue substitute shadow values. Wisdom tells us we should reflect on what we truly hold dear, clearly articulate, and sincerely put into action. Only then will we find happiness and genuine success.
  13. Reflections on September 11, 2001
    McIntyre, Dina G.

    This article written in September 2004 on the third anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001 discusses issues that very much dominated the national debate in the United States since the terrorist attacks launched against the US on Sept. 11, 2001. Parallels between the Zarathushtrian ideals and the ideals of America are presented in this thought provoking article.
  14. Response to Terrorism: A Zarathushtrian Perspective
    McIntyre, Dina G.
    The author discusses some thoughts on terrorism and how we might respond to it, within the framework of Zarathushtra's teachings.
  15. Rresoration Constructive, not Destructive
    Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar
    The author presents his view on the transformation of the Good religion necessary to get it closer to its origin. The concise presentation provides good insight into the "Good Conscience" a defining term for the religious consciousness presented by Zarathushtra for the benefit of humanity at large.
  16. The case for Zarathushtrianism at the turn of the 3rd Millennium
    Mehrfar, Dr. Khosro E.

    The progressive human society is gradually overcoming the fear of life and death and the unpredicted.  The faiths appealing to human's fear-based existence may not hold as significant a grip on man in the third millennium as was the case before.  Faiths based on logical and rational thinking calling on humans to take control of their destiny and assume responsibility for their actions  will be more in keeping with the evolving human society in the third millennium and beyond.  The author makes the case for Zarathushtrianism by considering the relevant factors at the entrance in the third millennium.
  17. The Choice to Renovate and Renew the World

    Awareness of the circumstances surrounding our choices and the consequences of our choices can be an important factor in bringing about social reform and helping renovate the world.  The significance of the contribution we make through our choices is discussed in this paper.

  18. Transcendence
    Shahriari, Shahriar
    The trials of life are somewhat of a rite of passage, an opportunity to experience the fullness of ourselves, and much like any initiation, we can come out of it triumphant and transformed, or we can be crushed to pieces.  In this thought provoking article, the author gives us a unique Zarathushtrian perspective that can help us reach great heights in life.

  19. Uniqueness of Zarathushtra's Vision and its Impact
    Sidhwa,Ervad Godrej
    “MAN”, said Rousseau, Father of the French Revolution, “was born free. But every where he is in chains.’’ The uniqueness of Zarathushtra's vision aimed at freeing human beings from their various bondages including the worst of all "superstition" is discussed in this article.

  20. What does it mean to me to be a Zarathushti?
    Patel, Armaity Suresh

    This article shows the spiritual journey of the writer from an orthodox to a universal view of the religion of her birth, Zoroastrianism, and the courage and humanity with which she has met the challenges of her life.

  21. What Zarathushtra Has Given To All Mankind
    Nelson, Robert Scott

    The concept of One God of Light and Wisdom is a gift from prophet Zarathushtra. This concept has influenced the mind of man immeasurably re-introduced by other prophets and philosophers. Novruz is a time to celebrate the gifts from the prophet Zarathushtra, also a time to celebrate his people.

  22. Why Zarathushtrianism?
    Karasulas, Antonius

    The author traces his personal journey of discovery into Zarathushtrianism, and provides very informative perspective into the aspects of the philosophy of Zarathushtra that appealed to him.

  23. Zarathushtrian Formula For Success In Life
    Mehta, Kayomarsh
    The Gathas lay out a simple, yet profound, guide for living our life. Following these concepts, we can empower ourselves to change our lives moving toward success.  

  24. Zarathushtis: Future Challenges
    Udvadia, Jamshed R.

    The author shares his views of the challenges that Zarathushtis will face in the 21 century and beyond.

  25. Zarathushtra's vital Message
    Antia,Mazda K.

    In this insightful article, the interconnectedness of humans' actions from a Zarathushtrian perspective is discussed.  Doing what is good or "best" in each situation is often different than doing what is advantageous or convenient to an individual.  A butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world and sets into motion events causing a hurricane far away: Zarathushtra's message can be the wing moving people's minds - changing the life they lead from focusing on what's best for one alone, towards a life improving the world for all people and beings.