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Ronald Delavega was born in La Habana, Cuba in the year 1948. Since then he migrated to the U.S. and currently lives in Florida with Lourdes, his wife of 29 years, and their son Alejandro and daughter Cecilia. His schooling was in New York, Florida, as well as three years of Bible study in Georgia and Florida. Ronald's personal ambition is to be a part of the start of the revival of the Good religion of Mazdayasna, and to live long enough, to see this revival get on its way and also to see his grand children. His greatest personal moments include marrying Lourdes, being there at his son's birth, and his initiation into the religion of Zarathushtra performed by Dr. Jafarey.

  1. Messages for the Ages: The Uniqueness of Zarathushtra's Message
  2. Zarathushtra by Ashtiani (A Book Review)