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Elamite rock relief of a woman spinning a yarn, 4000 BCE




This Winter 2004 issue of the journal is dedicated to the spirit of Frashokrati (personal renewal and uplift) central to Zarathushtra vision of humanity.

Zarathushtrianism: An Ancient Faith for Modern Man (Bode, Dasturji Framroze Ardeshir)
An enriching article touching upon some of the main principals of Zarathushtra's Philosophy and its outward manifestation relative to human's relation with Ahura Mazda and the rest of creation.

Persien, das Land und Seine Bewohner; Ethnograpische Schilderungen
(review by Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin)
Travelogue of a nineteenth century Austrian Physician who spent nine years in Iran, provides interesting perspective on some unique aspects of Zarathushtrian religion, and points out how demise of Zoroastrianism in Iran meant the fall of Iran from grace.

Jamshed K. Pavri (Tata, Bella)
Born with a pioneering spirit, endowed with great energy and intellect, this community leader was instrumental in the establishment of one of the North American Zararathushti communities of mid 20th century.

The ancient art of spinning a yarn (Kerr, Dr. Sam)
Hand-spinning of animal fur fiber to produce a single or double ply yarn was an art excelled in by women in the Eastern Classical World from times of remote antiquity... It is of interest that Zarathushti women in Iran and on the Subcontinent have pursued this exquisite art of hand-spinning to the 21st century.

Zoroaster – Politician or Witch Doctor (lecture 3 of 3) (Henning, Walter B.)
Which image is closer to Zarathushtra in Avesta, Politician or Witch Doctor? The foremost scholar of ancient Iranian studies, late Walter B. Henning, analyzes the two images portrayed by scholars Herzfeld and Nyberg in their earlier works. Henning's conclusions were ground breaking in order to further this field of study.