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This issue is dedicated to the Zarathushtrian ideal of good and positive mentality driving our mindset and behaviors as we go through life.

Zarathushtra’s Conception of Good and Evil as Expounded in the Gathas (Mehta, Dr. Cyrus)
A lucid and insightful discussion on the context for comprehension of Good and Evil.  A logical and independent thinking person can follow the recommended approach to arrive at optimal ethical decisions in life.

The Future as a Zarathushtrian Invention (Pearlstein,Arthur)
The fundamental concept in which Zarathushtra changed the humanity with was "future" as an idea.  By inventing this concept man was removed from a static world view and responsible for improvement of his/her condition as a function of time.

Domains of Belief
(Pourbahrami, Trity and Peter Capac)
An in-depth and educational interview with one of the foremost scholars of Zarathushtra's Philosophy and Western Philosophies, Professor Kaikhosrov Dinshah Irani captured on tape expanding of matters of great philosophical interest to students of Zarathushtrianism. 

Bai Jerbai Nusherwanji Wadia (Kerr, Dr. Sam)
A socially conscious and visionary lady who despite her family means to live a lavish life dedicated her life to the service of those less privileged than herself.  She became the first Zarathushti to think of building affordable homes, offering security for migrant families from Gujarat in search of a better future in the large metropolitan city of Bombay. 

The Last War Dakhma of Iran (Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin)
Afghan’s attack on Kerman on 1721AD brought catastrophe to Zarathushti farmers living in villages in the region. Facing this massacre, survivors had to quickly create a make shift dakhma. Remnants of this site still stand on the road from Kerman to Mashad.

Zoroaster – Politician or Witch Doctor? (Lecture 1 of 3) (Henning, Walter B.)
Which image is closer to Zarathushtra in Avesta, Politician or Witch Doctor? The foremost scholar of ancient Iranian studies, late Walter B. Henning, analyzes the two images portrayed by scholars Herzfeld and Nyberg in their earlier works. Henning's conclusions were ground breaking in order to further this field of study.

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