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The Novruz 1373 issue is dedicated to the ideal of renewal of life brought about through individuals' righteous choices, a concept so central to Zarathushtra's vision for humanity.

Celebration of Life -- Novruz, (Jafarey, Dr. Ali Akbar)
In this article Jafarey gives account of celebration of New Year “Novruz” by people of Iranian and Zarathushti origin. This celebration of life on the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere is of immense historical significance.
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The Enlightenment Message of Zarathushtra (Kerr, Dr. Sam)
Zarathushtra generated an extraordinary transformation in the history of human thought by promulgating a vision more than 3500 years ago. He emphasized that religion is not a matter of membership of an institute but a matter of personal conscience. This article tries to illustrate the parallels between Zarathushtra's insight and ‘The Enlightenment’ movement in Europe of late as the 18th century.

Learning Religiously (Rustomji, Professor Yezdi)
Modern education aims at the liberation of human mind, as opposed to indoctrination. To keep refreshing Zarathushtra’s vision, one must keep learning religiously.

Outline of Parsi History
(Mehta, Kayomarsh P.)
Dastur Mirza’s book is an informative source of Parsi history from ancient Iranians' era to modern Zarathushtis of twentieth century India. This book emphasizes social and literary evolution in the Parsi community.

Sohrab Rostam Kaikhosow Viraf Kianian (Mehrfar, Dr. Khosro E.)
A leading member of Zarathushti community of Yazd during early decades of twentieth century, his dedication to serve the community proved crucial during this critical period of history. Kianian’s gentle and steadfast character earned him true respect of the Zarathushti population of Yazd .

The Last War Dakhma of Iran (Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin)
Afghan’s attack on Kerman on 1721AD brought catastrophe to Zarathushti farmers living in villages in the region. Facing this massacre, survivors had to quickly create a make shift dakhma. Remnants of this site still stand on the road from Kerman to Mashad.


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