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Fall 2002

We dedicate this  issue to late Dr. Mehraban Shahriari for his Zarathushti spirit of service, humanity, caring, and professional excellence that he manifested.






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Book Review


Prominent Zarathushtis

Visual Essays


Zoroastrian Film Project


Darius the Great in Behistun, World's largest rock inscription and relief.


Dr. Mehraban Shahriari, the noble physician.


Cultural Events and Festivals

McIntyre, Dina G.
Dina discusses the origins of Mehrgan and the meanings behind the symbols. Furthermore it suggests as to how this festival may be celebrated in our communities in the 21st century and beyond.


Women in the Avesta Era
Jahanian, Dr. Daryoush
Gathas of Zarathushtra makes no distinction between man and woman; their position in life and society is not based on their gender. Each person chooses his or her own path with free will irrespective of gender. Zarathushtrian ancient texts are the basis for the discussion in this educational paper.

Personal Perspective

A Healing Vision
Smith, Timothy

A discussion of the tragedy of September 11, 2001 in the USA questions just how far civilization has really come from ages past. While an account of Zarathushtra’s teachings chart a new course to a better world.

Words of Darius in Behistun and Mehrgan Festival
Varza, Jamshid
In Behistun, world's largest rock relief and inscription, Darius the Great gives his account of his triumphs. See images of this magnificent ancient inscription and details of its decipherment.

A festival of great importance to Persians known as Mehrgan or Mithrakana was considered ancient when Achaemenian kings celebrated it. It was during this festival that Darius identifies Gaumata, the false Smerdis and destroys him, thus saving the Empire. Smerdis, or Bardya, was the second of son of Cyrus the Great who was going to succeed Cambyses.

Prominent Zarathushtis

Dr. Mehraban Shahriari
Farshidi, Dr. Bahram
Driven by his desire to improve the welfare of the populace of his native city of Kerman he became an agent of social change. Mehraban Shahriari studied medicine and became a well admired physician in Kerman.  His legacy continues to inspire generations of young Kermani physicians.

Book Review

The Story of Javid
Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
This novel tells the story of a Zarathushti boy of early 20th century Iran pulled into a world of deceit and exploitation beyond his simple upbringing. His search for his missing father reveals a good deal of insight into the condition of his community.


Abraham Jackson in Yazd, Spring 1904
Persia, Past and Present; Chapter 23rd: The Zoroastrians of Yezd
On a late spring day this foremost scholar of Zarathushtian studies enters the ancient city of Yazd. He records a great deal about Zoroastrians of Yazd, their life, society, and religious traditions in a fair amount of detail. His account of personal encounters with community leadership provides us with a unique view into the world of Zoroastrians of Yazd in early days of 20th century.

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