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Fall 2001

This Mehregan 2001 issue is dedicated to the high ideal of each human being capable of caring and respectful to the rest of humanity irrespective of clan, race, nationality, religion, and doctrinal orientation.


Fire Temple of Surakhany in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan republic; Sanctuary view from entry gate

Khurshedji Rustomji Cama

Response to Terrorism: A Zarathushtrian Perspective
McIntyre, Dina G.
A perspective aimed at redressing this peril of the human society as well as justification for immediate response to its occurrences is presented.

Zarathushtrian Theodicy
Bailey, Albert
Why evil exists in a world governed by a good, wise, and powerful god. Over the centuries Persian thought has addressed this question more thoroughly than any other religious tradition.

Shahriari, Shahriar
In this thought provoking article, Shahriari gives a unique Zarathushtrian perspective that can help one reach great heights in life.

A Salute to lay dastur Khurshedji Rustomji Cama
Daruwala, Jehan

An effective reformer, this 19th century dastur of the Parsi community of India was able to start a campaign of awareness along with other community leaders.

Persia Past and Present
Damania, Dr. Ardeshir B.
Jackson's travelogue book, a valuable insight, documented the heroic struggle of Zarathushtis for survival in their fatherland.

The Oil Fields and the Fire Temple of Baku
Jackson, Abraham Valentine Williams; 1911
A remarkable in-depth study of the ancient fire temple by Jackson in his visit while traveling from "Constantinople to the home of Omar Khayyam."

Firuzabad -- A Sassanian Palace or Fire Temple?
Varza, Jamshid
Is this the site a Royal Palace built by Ardeshir, the founder of the Sassanian dynasty, or is it the site of a Fire Temple?


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