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Historical Places

  1. A history of Zoroastrians of Kerman "Tarikh e Zartoshtian e Kerman"
    Varza, Jamshid

  2. Azar Goshnasp: An ancient Zoroastrian city and temple
    Eslami, Drs. Pouran
    Azar Goshnasp, the ancient temple city located in Western Azerbaijan was used by Sasanian royalties, and considered one of the 3 most important fire temples of the Parthian-Sassanian period. Azar Goshnasp was attacked several times by invading armies.  One of its unique features was a fire that was fueled by natural gas.  The article gives an informative view of what remains of Azar Goshnasp
  3. Fiery Maiden Guards Her Secrets
    Antolak, Ryszard J.

    The republic Azerbaijan, the land of fire, is rich with relics of its ancient Persian and Zoroastrian heritage. One of the best known monuments from its ancient past, popular with visitors to the capital city of Baku, is the Maiden's Tower. Was this a Zoroastrian monument?  This article sets to explore that possibility.
  4. The Oil Fields and the Fire Temple of Baku
    Jackson, Abraham V. W.
    In his famous book "From Constantinople to the Home of Omar Khayyam," Jackson visits several historical sites and writes a considerable report and study of the location. His depth of knowledge on Zarathushtrian religion and ancient Persian civilization makes this book a unique document produced about ca. 1906. Jackson provides numerous photographs of individuals, sites, tablets and pictures in this volume. This article is a full reproduction of chapter IV.