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We dedicate the Fall 2004 issue to Mehregan -- an ancient festival as old as Persian history, celebrated by all Iranians and Zarathushtis worldwide. The rock inscription at Behistun indicates  Mehregan "Mitrakana" was a favored festival of Darius the Great, who celebrated it.

Zarathushtrianism, Good Mind, Freedom of Choice (Abreu, Jose Luis)
This paper examines the question of racial or cultural requirements for follower ship of  Zarathushtrian.  Author presents his conclusion using well established cases and data.

Zarathushtra (Insler, Professor Stanley)
This insightful article draws parallels between the moral challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century and those faced by Zarathushtra, and how he went about addressing them. This discussion provides great insight into the teachings of Zarathushtra.

Evil, Good, and Gender
(review by Gould, Professor Ketayun)
A thorough and fascinating review of historical evolution of Iranian society in post Islamic invasion and the dynamics of the forces at work.

Jamshid Soroush Soroushian (Cereti, Professor Carlo G. / Vajifdar, Farrokh)
A Zarathushti of Kerman, Jamshid Soroush Soroushian (1914-1999), a community leader, devoted his immense intellectual energy to investigation of his ancestral religion, history and heritage. His commitment to dissemination of information on Zarathushti religion attracted the admiration of two generations of scholars worldwide.  

Lasting Legacy of the Just King (Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin)
Ancient Iran drawing on the teachings of Zarathushtra, had a special emphasis on agriculture and a settled way of life.  In its attempt to interest the warring Arab tribes to take greater interest in farming, a Sassanian king moves members of a warring Arab tribe to a village in the Kerman province to acquaint them with agricultural skills.  A pictorial tour of this ancient village is presented.

Zoroaster – Politician or Witch Doctor (lecture 2 of 3) (Henning, Walter B.)
Which image is closer to Zarathushtra in Avesta, Politician or Witch Doctor? The foremost scholar of ancient Iranian studies, late Walter B. Henning, analyzes the two images portrayed by scholars Herzfeld and Nyberg in their earlier works. Henning's conclusions were ground breaking in order to further this field of study.