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Spring 2002

This Nov-Ruz 1371 YZ issue is dedicated to the memory of the late Mobedan-e-Mobed of Iran Rostam Shahzadi for the enlightment and courage that he symbolized.






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Book Review


Prominent Zarathushtis

Visual Essays



Tomb of Cyrus the Great in the valley of Passargadae, near Shiraz in Iran.


Cylinder of Cyrus the Great

The first declaration of human rights by Cyrus the Great, the founder of Persian Empire, 532 BCE.


Wisdom of Ages

Is The Vandidad a Zarathushtrian Scripture?
Shahzadi,Mobed Rostam

A review of evolution of Zarathushtrian priesthood, religious practices, and the adaptation of temporal laws as religious laws in a remarkable presentation by late Mobedan-e-Mobed of Iran. 

Metaphor in the Gathas, Part 1: The Natural Metaphors
McIntyre, Dina G.

Zarathushtra uses pastoral metaphors to convey his thoughts, and his solution for the defeat of evil. Dina's raises interesting questions while making thoughtful observations.

Personal Perspective

From Wilderness to Light
Shroff, Maharukh
A strong case for the changes put forward toward the practice of Zarathushtrian religion in India,

Prominent Zarathushtis

Mobedan-e-Mobed Rostam Dinyar Shahzadi
An embodiment of enlightenment, courage and dedication
Mehrfar, Dr. Khosro E.
dedicated man who became the well celebrated Mobedan-e-Mobed on Iran of the 1990s; whose acts of courage earned him the respect of his nation.

Zarathushtra, Mazdayasna, and Governance
Jahanian, Dr. Daryoush

The form of government consistent with Zarathushtra's vision for humanity is the topic of discussion of this insightful book.

In Yazd with Edward Browne, Spring 1888 AD
In his visit to Yazd, Browne observed and provided a detailed account of Zarathushti community and their customs; samples of Dari dialect and more are preserved in this remarkable document.

, the birthplace of Persian Empire
Varza, Jamshid
The Old Testament, Herodotus writings, and archeological findings all describe Cyrus the Great as a figure of immense importance in ancient history. Cyrus founded the Perisan Empire, the first ancient world empire consisting of many nations, cultures and religions based on his own Zoroastrian belief in equality of all men.

Late Mobedan-e-Moden Rostam Shahzadi delivering the keynote speech on Zarathushra's birthday, March 26, 1999


Edward G. Browne in traditional Persian dress, 1888 AD


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