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Winter 2001

The Yalda 1370YZ issue is dedicated to the ideal of  personal empowerment based on the freedom to quest for  truth, the use of an enlightened mind, the assumption of personal responsibility, care for the nature, and an understanding that the Divine guides us with wisdom, and not through enslavement or fear.


Temple of Anahita in Bishapur

Temple head stone in Achaemenian bull style.


For Love of Wisdom
McIntyre, Dina G.
Dina with an elegant style discusses a fundamental concept in Zarathushti belief.

Zarathushtra's Reflections on His Mission
Irani, Dinshah
In his own words Zarathushtra describes the turmoil and triumph that righteous humans often experience in their lives as they try to do right.

The case for Zarathushtrianism at the turn of the 3rd Millennium
Mehrfar, Dr. Khosro
The faiths appealing to fear may not hold a grip on man as in the past. While faith based on rational thinking calling on humans to take control of their is on the rise.

The Wadias of India: Then and Now

Jungalwala, Khorshed
An enterprising Zarathushtrian dynasty for three centuries has built businesses contributing to industrialization of British India and India's Independence.

Nussarwanji Maneckji Wadia, 1803,  in Essex Museum, Massachusetts

Lalayee - Seven Stories from the Proud Tradition of our Ancestors
Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
Jamshid Pishdadi, an educator and a prolific writer, captures the stories of heroes and heroines of his community struggling for survival against incredible odds while holding firm to the core values taught by their faith.

Our Own Religion in Ancient Persia; Zarathushtra and the Bible
Professor Lawrence Mills, Oxford University (1910)
A remarkable lecture analyzing the influence Zarathushti belief system had on Old Testament and related material.

Temple of Anahita in Bishapur;
Where do you find the Fire Altar of this temple?
Varza, Jamshid
Shapur I, Sassanian Emperor's victory over Valerian brought over seventy thousand Romans to Persia. The fire temple next to Shapur's palace was built by a group of Roman prisoners of war...

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