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Spring 2001

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Manekji Limji Hateria, for his efforts that ensured the flame of Zarathushtrian religion was not extinguished in its birth land at one of the most trying times in its long history


Vohu Manah, The Precious Gift of Mazda
Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli
Vohu Mano, the good mind capable of comprehending Asha is a concept very central to Zarathushtrian religion.

May We Not Lose the Vision
Zareen Hakim

This article explores the significance of Zarathushtra's vision, which is meant for the enlightenment and empowerment of all humanity, free from ethnic biases or tribalism.

One Design
Dina McIntyre 
Zarathushtra's teaching in material and spiritual form is part of one beautiful design with harmonious interactions.

Who are the Parsis?
Ardeshir B. Damania
This book review gives first-hand account of the plight and hardship of less than 8,000 Zarathushtis who had survived down the centuries in their ancestral land of Iran despite incredible odds...

Manekji Limji Hateria: A Man Who Made The Difference
Dr. Mehrborzin Soroushian
This man of courage and dedication took on the task of reversing the decline of the Zarathushtrian religion in its birth land, fighting against all the forces bent on the destruction of the faith.

A visual tour of Taq-e-Bustan, a magnificent Sassanian site
Jamshid Varza

Read Roman general
Ammianus Marcellinus' description of Sassanian armed soldiers riding horses and the horrifying scene they created for their enemies. Find out more about this important historic site in northwest Iran.

A Discovery of Two Foreign Sects: The Sect of the Parsees
Henry Lord, ca. 1752
This historic article provides a comprehensive description of Parsees, their religion, traditions and customs as it was observed in 1752 by the author. This article was published two years prior to arrival of Anquetil Du Perron in India.