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Dinshaw Framroze Joshi (1926-2003)




This issue is dedicated to the ideal of "True Happiness being to those who seek Happiness of Others."

The Origin of Israel’s Faith – and its Debt to Zoroaster (MacAllister, P.E.)
An insightful discussion of the evolution on the Judeo-Christian religious thoughts and its borrowings from Zarathushtra's thought is presented in this article.

Was Zarthushtra's original religion diverted? (Bagli, Ervad Dr. Jehan)
This remarkable question was asked by many scholars and mobeds. This article offers a concise review of the issue -- whether the Magis diverted the original teachings of Zarathushtra. 

The Zoroastrian Houses of Yazd
(Author: Mary Boyce) (Antolak, Ryszard J.)
The article that was contributed to Vladimir Minorsky's memorial volume, reports on the design of a Zoroastrian home in villages of Yazd of the 19th century vintage, and describes the purpose each quarter served.  The reality of the economical hardship imposed on Zoroastrians bears out in their living conditions as alluded to in this paper. 

Dinshaw Framroze Joshi (Daver, Adi)
One of the first Zoroastrians of the 20th century who established himself, and was regarded, as a "world-authority" in the modern arena of telecommunications, Dinshaw Joshi left his mark on his profession as well as on his community.  His was a moderating voice committed to the betterment of his community. He proved to be a good role model for others who followed him in the context of the North American Zarathushti community.

Lasting Legacy of the Just King (Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin)
In an attempt to interest the warring Arab tribes to take greater interest in farming, a Sassanian king moves members of a warring Arab tribe to a village in the Kerman province to acquaint them with agricultural skills.  A pictorial tour of this ancient village is presented.

Maneckji Limji Hatari in Iran (Boyce, Mary)
A historical narrative on the course of events that lead to the arrival of Maneckji Hataria in Iran in mid 19th century, and the impact of his tireless efforts to ameliorate the conditions of Zarathushtrians of Iran. 

Towards Right-Mindedness – Progressively (Rustomji, Magdalena)
For anyone trying to adapt to a new environment, one can discover in the Gathas, Zarathushtra's Message which helps them appreciate the effective and life confirming role they can play in making their lives more productive and fulfilling.