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The Novruz 1373 issue is dedicated to the ideal of renewal of life brought about through individual's righteous doing, a central issue in Zarathushtra's thought.

Leadership, The Common Man & Zarathushtra
McIntyre, Dina G.
This article explores some interesting Zarathushtrian paradoxes on leadership and the common man, and Zarathushtra's surprising conclusions on what it is that generates power and rule.

The Origin of Israel’s Faith – and its Debt to Zoroaster
MacAllister, P.E.
An insightful discussion of the evolution on the Judeo-Christian religious thoughts and its borrowings from Zarathushtra's thought is presented in this article.

Zarathushtra, Mazdayasna, and Governance
Jahanian, Dr. Daryoush
The form of government consistent with Zarathushtra's vision for humanity is a topic of discussion of this insightful book. 

Nani Ardeshir Palkhivala
Palkhivala, Behram
He was acknowledged as one of the world's greatest lawyers ever, and fought several historical cases for the citizens against the illegal and arbitrary actions of the Government in India. Overcoming a dreadful stammer in his childhood, he became a great orator, and published several books. His Ambassadorship to the USA were much appreciated both by his countrymen as well as Americans. 

Firuzabad -- A Sassanian Palace or Fire Temple?
Varza, Jamshid
Is this the site a Royal Palace built by Ardeshir, the founder of the Sassanian Dynasty, or is it the site of a Fire Temple? Take a visual tour of this magnificent site, learn about its history and figure out the answer to this ancient riddle

Our Own Religion in Ancient Persia
Professor Lawrence Mills

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