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Magnificent Taq housing the immortal fire of the "Ragha" temple

Mill Tappeh, the site of Fire Temple at ancient "Ragha" Ray




The Summer 2003 issue of Vohuman is dedicated to the spirit of human caring and giving personified by Sir Dinshaw Petit

Shahriari, Shahriar
Zarathushtra's vision of a slow but progressive evolution through an endless change in the thought processes, inducing a better way of life is actuated under the constant supervision of a Perfectly Good Influence. Using his though provoking style, Dr. Kerr explains this complex philosophical concept.

Towards Right-Mindedness – Progressively
Rustomji, Magdalena
For anyone trying to adapt to a new environment, one can discover in the Gathas, Zarathushtra's message helping them appreciate the effective role they can play in making their lives more productive.

The Fire of  Sraosha: The Power of Intuition in Decision Making
Abreu, Dr. Jose Luis
Good decision making conducive to the success of an organization most often requires good judgment calls. Developing good intuition can help us greatly make the right of judgment calls. In this insightful article Dr. Abreu discusses the theological basis for developing good intuition.

"In Search of Zarathushtra," a book review

Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
The moment this book was released Europe in fall 2003, it was an instant success. A time travel to discover how Zarathushtra's contributions helped shape the evolution of human thought is covered in this well written and interesting book.

Cowasjee, Noshirwan (1914-2002)
Captain, Shahpur
The life story of an hard working man who grew his family business into a leading shipping company in Pakistan; later grew as a ferry business in Southern England.  Cowasjee, a  family man was committed to progress, charity, and love for humanity.

Fire Temple at ancient city of "Ragha" Ray, near Tehran
Varza, Jamshid
Is this magnificent historic site the heart of ancient city of Ragha mentioned in Avesta and other ancient Persian texts? Pay a virtual visit to this magnificent ancient fire temple.

The Zoroastrian Doctrine of the Freedom of the Will (Part 1)
Abraham V. W. Jackson
In this landmark article published in 1928, Abraham Jackson discussed the central role of Doctrine of Free Will in Zarathushtria's philosophy.

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