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Immortal Guard at Darius's Palace in Susa




Novruz 1372 YZ  Issue of Vohuman is dedicated to the memory of late Sir Hormusjee Naorojee Mody for his pioneering work in the building of Modern Hong Kong and for all the Zarathushtrian values he exemplified through the life he lived.

The Web of Immanence
McIntyre, Dina G.
Dina in this article deals with approaches Zarathushtra's thought offers in dealing with issues that can come up in a person's life.

Zarathushtra's vital Message
Antia, Mazda K.
A butterfly moves its wings in one part of the world setting into motion events causing a hurricane far away: Zarathushtra's message can be the wing moving people's minds. Doing what is good or "best" in is often different from doing what is advantageous or convenient to an individual.

What Should Zarathushtrian Education Be?
Irani, Professor Kaikhosrov
Regardless of the context of the educational situation, the religious teaching of Prophet Zarathushtra must be the central focus.  The religious vision we find in the Gathas must be presented with a minimum of interpretative gloss.

"In Search of Zarathushtra," a book review

Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin
The moment this book was released Europe in fall 2003, it was an instant success. A time travel to discover how Zarathushtra's contributions helped shape the evolution of human thought is covered in this well written and interesting book.

The Life & Times of Sir Hormusjee Naorojee Mody
A highly driven self made Zarathushti reached prominence in south eastern Asia. Mody was a philanthropist who fueled important aspect of Hong Kong's civic life.

Palace of Darius in Biblical city of Susa, south western Iran
Varza, Jamshid
The ancient city of Susa has been well known for its importance from pre-historic times till this date. It has been the site of biblical prophet Daniel's tomb, and capital of Elamite kingdom. Above all, Susa was the southern capital of the Persian Empire, and favorite city of Darius the Great Walk with me in this magnificent ancient site of immense importance.

A Discovery of Two Foreign Sects: The Sect of the Parsees
Lord, Henry
This historic document provides a comprehensive description of Parsee community, their religion, traditions and customs as it was observed by Henry Lord (1624-1629).

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