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A Traveler's Observation of Parsee community, 1831AD
The Modern Traveler, Josiah Condor


Jamshid Varza

Josiah Condor



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The four volume set on India is part of a thirty volume travel book "Various Countries of the Globe" set.  

Josiah Condor in his writings provides us with detailed observation of Parsee community in Bombay and Surat, their account of customs and traditions and religious practice.  Throughout the text he provides valuable reference to scholarly work and sources to further explain his observations.

This article in "Library Series" should prove useful in study and progress of study of Zarathushtrian religion and practices in various Zarathushti communities of India.

  1. Book Cover
  2. Modern Inside Cover
  3. Page 248
    A consensus taken on 1816 reports the Parsee population to be 13150. They are known as Guebres who fled Persia; a rich and very active, loyal class of population.
  4. Page 249
    Parsees while producing a great deal of capital, and own majority of properties. Their habits and diets are discussed.
  5. Page 250
    "Guebre women enjoy more freedom than other oriental females" claims one traveler.
  6. Page 251
    Relationship with priests is discussed and further character of Parsees at work is observed.
  7. Page 252
  8. Page 253
    Parsee veneration for dog is explained and they are recognized as the most active, vigorous and active of all classes in India.
  9. Page 254