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Novruz and New Year Benediction













  • May you be blessed with good Health and general wellbeing!
  • May you pursue constantly the path of Ashoi and thus be worthy of the Khvoreh, the Inner Light Divine!

  • May you live a useful life practicing Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds!

  • May these precious blessings come true to you by your constant and thoughtful Appraisal and Appreciation of the same!

  • May the Zarathushti Faith blissfully blossom in your enlightened mind!

  • May you, your family members, enjoy a very long, purposeful and useful life!

  • May Ahura Mazda grant you the strength to be sympathetic, to care and concern for the less fortunate members, deserving material and moral support in their compromised circumstances.

  • May this sincere Benediction of a Loving, Enlightened Mind and Heart, free from traces of deceit and malice, never go unanswered!

  • May each day in the year be blessed - progressive, as the consequence of thoughtful, benevolent and purposeful life!

  • May you elevate your soul into higher realms of life through the total offering of your physical energies, intellectual attainments and spiritual acquisitions!

  • May you constantly bear in mind Ashoi, as the comprehensive Zarathushti concept of all that is a) based on wisdom, b) centered in Truth, c) monitored by the Inner urge of Service and Self Sacrifice, d) projected by vision profound, and e) governed by Aramaiti, the Discernment Divine between Right and Wrong!

  • May you be blessed with a Moral Life, governed by Self Control!

  • May you attain Excellence in the field of your Intellectual Aptitude!

  • May He Grant you the precious Boons, rendering your life meaningful!

  • May you consummate your precious human life by a faithful following of our Prophet's Teachings!

  • May you assimilate the Divine Powers of Wisdom & Vigilance, Behman and Sraosha, being active in your daily life!