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Dastur Jamasp Valayati Kermani

Prominent Zarathushtis

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Soroushian, Dr. Mehrborzin



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Dastur Jamsap of Kerman, a learned Zartoshty priest knowledgeable in the Vendidad and other religious texts and the Pahlavi language lived in the latter part of the 16th century and the early part of the 17th century. His scholarship repute was the reason for his being invited by the Parsis of Surat, India to go there and help arbitrate the ongoing debate on the adoption and use the correct religious calendar as well as other related issues. The views expressed by Jamasp did not resonate well with some of his hosts who in an attempt to slight him referred to him as Valayati (provincial). While in Surat Dastur Jamasp managed to tutor three young Zartoshty priest in India. One of them Darab Kumana of Surat, later tutored the visiting Frenchman Anquetil du Perron on the textual knowledge he had gained from Dastur Jamasp Valayati Kermani. This transfer of knowledge proved essential in uncovering of message of Zarathushtra.

His tutorial of the three young priest in Surat once again interested them in the study of religious texts in Pahlavi, the language of Sassanians. He took a number of religious texts with him to Surat and left them there. Dastur Jamasp finally returned to Kerman and lived out the remaining years of his life.