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Chapter 10 - Yasna 45

Holy prophet tells his listeners in a sermon thus 
at1 fravakhshy2 n3 gshdm4 n5 sraot6 ach7 Now3 give ye ear4 and now5 listen attentively6 that which I speak2 openly;
asnt8 ach9 drt10 you who7 are ( coming) from far10 and near8 
ishath11, desire11 ( to learn religious matters from me).
n12 m13 vsp14 chithr15 z16 mazdngh-dm17, Indeed16 bear in mind17 properly15 this time12 all14 these13 ( subject matters of mine)
nit18 daibitm19 dush-sastish20 ahm21 mershyt22; (so that) a false religious teacher20 may not18 destroy22 ( your) life21 ( a second time) in future
ak23 varan24 dregvo25 hizv26 veret27. The wicked man25 through ( his)23 evil doctrine24 ( and) speech26 goes astray27
  O members of the assembly!
at28 fravakhshy29 I will declare29 ( unto you)
anghush30 mainy31 about the Twin Spirits31 of the world30
 pouruy32, first of all32,
ayo33 spanyo34 it35 mravat36 m37 agrem38 of whom33 the most bountiful34 (spirit) spoke to the harmful36 (or destructive) (spirit)38 thus35
nit39 n40 mano41, Neither39 our40 thoughts41 
nit42 sgh43, nor42 our40 teachings43 
nit44 khratav45 or senses45 (or understandings)45 
nad46 varan47 nor our manners47 (or doctrines)47 
nit48 ukhdh49 nor words49 
nad50 shyaothan51, nor deeds51
nit52 dan53  nor our consciences53 
nit54 urvn55 nor souls55 
hacait56 conform or accord with each other.56
at57 fravakhshy58 anghush59 ahy60 pourvm61, I will expound58 (to you) the foremost61 ( knowledge) of this60 life59 ( or of this60 world59)
62 mi63 vdvo64 Mazdo65 vaochat66 Ahur67, which62 the Omniscient64 Ahura67 Mazda65 has said66 to me63 ( through me).  
i68 m69 v70 nit71 (That is this) If ( those) amongst70 you who68 will not71
 ith72 mthrem73 vareshet74, put into practice74 this Holy Word73
ath75 m76 mnich77 vaocha-ch78    as75 I think77 and ( as now) expound78 it76
aiby79 anghush80 avi81 anghat82 apmem83 (then) their79 life80 will end83 in destruction81 ( or calamity)81
at84 fravakhshy85 I will expound85 (to you) the best88
anghush86 ahy87 vahishtem88 asht89 hach90

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Mazdo91 (viz. about Him Ahura Mazda91)
vad92 93 m94 dt95  who is all-knowing92 ( and) who93 has given95 ( me) this ( religion and holy spell) 
patarm96 Vanghush97 varezayat98 Manangh99 (who is) the diligent98 ( or active)98 Father96 of good97 thought99
  in this world86 on account of90 righteousness89 
 at100 hi1 duged2 hushyaothan3 rmaitish4 and whose1 daughter2 Armaiti4 is well working3
 nit5 divzhaidyi6 vsp-hishas7 Ahur8 Ahura Mazda8 who is the All-Seeing7 is never5 deceived by anyone6.
At9 fravakhshy10  I will expound10
hyat11 mi12 mraot13 Spettem14, vach15  the sacred verse15 (of the religion) (to you) which11 the most bountiful14  (i.e. Ahura Mazda) said13 to me12 
sridyi16  hyat17 maretaiby18 vahishtem19; (and) which17 ( is) most  beneficial19 for men18 to hear16
i20 mi21 ahmi22 Seraoshem23 dn24 chayasch25; those who20 will give24 obedience23 and attention25 to me21
up-jimen26 Haurvt27 Amerett28; will acquire26 health27 and immortality28  
Vanghush29 manyush30 shyaothanish31 (Moreover) through the deeds31 of good29 thought30 (i.e. through virtuous deeds)
Mazdo32 Ahur33. (to such persons) the creator Ahura33 Mazda32 ( will appear or will be near).
at33 fravakhshy34 I will explain34
vspanm35 mazishtem36 about the greatest36 of all35   (God) to you ;
 stavas37 ash38 (Also) I sing hymns in His praise through righteousness38.
39 hud40 i41 het42 who39 (Himself) is very wise40 ( and) who41 (i.e. his Ameshaspands) are42 ( also full of wisdom).
spet43 mainy44 Through (His) Bountiful43 Spirit44 
sraot45 Mazdo46 Ahur46 Ahura47 Mazda46 will hear45 (my prayer).
ehy47 vahm48 Whose47 worship48
 voh49 frash50 manangh51 is performed50 through good49 thought51
ahy53 khrat53 fr-m54 sst55 vahisht56 Through his own52 best56 wisdom55 He will teach55 me54 
ehy57 sav58 isht59

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rdangh60 The charitable ones60
i61-z62 jv63  who61 ( are) living63,
ongharech64 who61 have been64
bvatich65 and who61 will be hereafter65 
   verily62 desire59 benefits58 from Him57 (i.e. form Ahura Mazda) (i.e. aspire to get benefits). 
ameretit66 ashun67 urv68 ash69 The soul68 of the righteous ( man)67 ( is) aspiring69 for immortality66  (i.e. for the happiness of heaven);
utayt70 71 nersh72 sdr73 dregvat74; To sinful72 persons74 tribulations73 are severe70
tch75 khshathr76 Mazdo77 dmish78 Ahur79 and the Creator78 Ahura79 Mazda77 ( has established) these laws75 ( through his) Power76.
tm80 n81 staotish82 nemangh83 vvaresh84; We wish84 to praise Him80 ( Ahura Mazda) with hymns82 of adoration83
  we wish84 to praise Him80 because we are indeed86 aware93 of ( the matters of religion)94.
 n85-zt86 chashmain87 vydaresem88, I now85 clearly see88 within ( my) eye87 ( that)
vanghush89 manyush90 shyaothanahy91 ukhdhakhvych92 Omniscient96 Lord97 (i.e. Ahura Mazda) of good thought90, word92 and deed91
vdush93 ash94 m95 

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Mazdm96 Ahurem;97
at98 hi99 vahmg100 demn1 gar2 nidm3. We will3 offer His99 praise100 (or songs) (not only in this world but) in the Garothman2 Heaven1 (too).
tm4 n5 voh6 mat7 Manangh8 chikhshnush9, Together with7 good6 thought8 we wish5 to propitiate Him4 (i.e. Ahura Mazda)
10-n11 usn12 choret13 spnch14 aspnch15  who10 wishing good for us11,12 has created13 weal14 and woe15.
Mazd16 khshathr17 verezi18 no19 dyt20 Ahur21

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 passh22 vrg23 ahmkg24 fradathi25 In order to make our24 men23 and cattle22 prosperous25
    Ahura21 Mazda16 through (His) sovereign power17 will bestow20 upon us19 ( the required) strength18

26 vanghush27 ash28 haozthwt29 30 Manangh31

on account of good wisdom29 in (our) good27 mind31 and on account of righteousness38.
tm32 n33 asnish34 rmatish35 Through humble35 worship34  (or Through the worship34 of humility35)  we wish33 to offer prayers to Him32
mimakhzh36 37 nmn38 Mazd39 srv40 Ahur41; who37 in his inscrutable strength38 is known40 as omniscient39 and the bestower of life 
hyat42 hi43 ash44 vohuch45 chisht46 Manangh47   and who37 through righteousness44 and good45 thought47 has decreed46
khshathri48 hi49 Haurvt50 Amerett51 weal50 and immortality51 for him43 (i.e. for the virtuous person) in His Dominion48
ahmi52 sti53 dn54 tevsh55 utayit56. Moreover Ahura Mazda bestows54 upon him52 (i.e. upon the virtuous person) ever53 strength55 and might56.


ast57 davg58 apar59 mashysch60 tar-mst61 i62 m63 tar-manyat64 Whoso57 hates61 those daevas58 and mean59 persons60 who despise64  ( Ahura Mazda); (or regard Ahura Mazda as mean)

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ahmt66 67 hi68 arm69 manyt69 saoshyat70 dg71 patish72 spet73 dan74  (and) who- so57 sees Him68 (i.e. Ahura Mazda)  ( and) the wise71 Saoshyants70 through the holy73 ( or bountiful) religion74 of the Lord72.with reverence69 
urvath75 bart76 pat77 v78 Mazd79 Ahur79! Thou art, O Ahura79 Mazda79, the friend75 helper76 or78 father77 of ( that) man68.


From such a person (the daevas and mean persons) (are) quite different65 (i.e. of quite against the doctrines)
usht ahmi ahmi usht kahmict vas-xshays mazd dyt ahur utayit tevshm gat ti vasem ashem deredyi tat mi d rmait ry ashsh vanghush gam manangh (2).
ashem voh ... (3). 
at-fravakhshym1 hitm2 azamaide3. We revere3 the chapter2 called At-Fravakhshya1.
yenghe1 htm2 Among living beings2 who1
at3 yesne4 paiti5 vangh,6 (is) better6 in acts of worship,4 
Mazdo Ahur7 of such Ahura Mazda7 (Himself)
vaeth8 is aware8 
asht9 hach10 on account of10 their holiness9
yonghmch 11 tnsch12 tosch13   - all such,11 both men12 and women,13  
yazamaide.14 do we revere.14 
# This entire para occurs at the end of Yasna H 18 and Yasna H 27.