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From Parsomazdaism to Euromazdaism (4016.08)
Parsomazdaism is the traditional religion of the Persians. Growing out of Indo-Iranian paganism it received its distinctive flavour with the teachings of Zarathustra who lived at least a millenium before the Christian era. Read More

Why Zoroaster? (4013.06)
It can be argued that Zarathustra is the historical father of philosophy yet he doesn't often get the recognition he deserves. Read More

Wisdomism (4012.00)
Wisdomism is the worship of wisdom. The Persian word for wisdom is Mazda. So alternative names for Wisdomism are Mazdaism or Mazdayasna. Read More

Three types of Monotheism (4012.00)
Imperial, Tribal and Philosophical Monotheism Read More

Zoroastrianism for Today (4009.00)
Today we live in a world which appears to many to be full of chaos. Things don't seem to be going right. Many people find their lives are filled with work and chores - but that they are not really happy. Read More