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Early Persian Runes

Runes are particular concepts that a religion tells us to pay special attention to. Often runes come as part of a set of runes or a set of concepts that relate to each other and form a complete mental framework with which to guide our thoughts.

Ancient Persians liked to group things into 'sevens', for instance famously there are 'Seven Rivers' in their ancient homeland.

When they attempted in their minds to break the world in its entirety into the elements out of which it was made, they chose to break it into seven basic elements. And when they sought to codify Zoroaster's teaching for easy propagation, they highlighted his seven most important concepts.

The seven elements out of which the world is made are EARTH, WATER, AIR, FIRE, PLANTS, ANIMAL, MAN.

If the reader pauses to ponder on these then they may come to see that everything around them in their daily life can be considered as being constituted of one or more of these elements. Thus these seven elements form a satisfactory, if basic, 'complete set of runes'.